Homemade Pickles Recipe

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

These pickles goes great as a side for your hummus bowl. 


  • Cucumbers - the smaller and fresher, the better. If you cannot find the little ones, you can also use Lebanease cucumbers. Make sure to cut off the stems. 

  • 2 bunches of dill

  • 15 small red chilli peppers

  • One head of garlic, peeled

  • Water

  • Rock salt 

  1. In a sterilized jar, combine cucumbers, peppers, garlic and dill. 

  2. Melt a spoon (15 ml) of rock salt in 1 litre of hot water and add to the jar until everything is covered. If more water is needed, add salted water in the same salt to water ratio. 

  3. Make sure no part of the cucumbers is outside of the water. 

  4. Close the jar making sure it is airtight and store for at least 2 weeks in a warm environment in the kitchen. It is recommended to put the jar in a shallow bowl in case the liquid leaks. 

  5. After two weeks, open the jar and using a fork (not your hand - because bacteria will ruin the batch), take out 1 cucumber to sample. If it's ready, you can move it to a different container and store in the fridge. Optional: at this point, you can add salted water, garlic or chili pepper if you would like to make adjustments to the flavour. 

Good luck!

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