Simply Hummus Bar is bringing the joy of hummus as a dish to Australia!

Where we come from

In the Middle East, you can find hummus restaurants on every corner, so why not in Sydney? When you come to our “bar”, you will feel like you have left Sydney and stepped into a local restaurant in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem! We believe in keeping our food fresh and healthy and fast. Like the original Middle Eastern cuisine, everything we serve is also plant based!

Our small business welcomes you to sit and relax in our sunny outdoor seating area while enjoying any one of our delicious dishes. Whether you are vegan, kosher, or none of the above, we promise you will love our food!


Our values


We believe in kindness. Towards other human beings towards other living animals, towards the environment and to ourselves. This is why our place is 100% plant based and about 90% gluten free. We worked hard so even our desserts our gluten free - with no extra cost. 

All our disposable items are biodegradable and we even have a commercial organic bin, to make sure all our waste is being composted. 


Our community

Simply Hummus Bar is the only restaurant in Sydney that is both vegan and kosher certified by the Kashrut Authority (KA) in Sydney. This is why during the summer we are not open over Saturday (the Sabbath) and